Monday, 28 December 2009

The Jewelry Junkie

I love bookmarks

And I especially love this one featuring koi

But then again, I could so easily be seduced by beads

You can find them in CalKat's shop, but don't stop there

Go hunting for more

Keep searching......

Molds (moulds) can be found too.....

How about

Whether you work in polymer clay or pmc you will find these and more at TheClayShoppe

Why are these all listed together?  They all come from the Jewelry Junkie aka Calkat.  Pop along to her blog to find out more.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Fab Miss B

When writing about the Fab Miss B we are spoilt for choice!  Not one shop, but two.  Vintage finds and art inspired by travel are all there to tempt us.  Let's see what we can find.

Aren't these fun!  They would look lovely on a child's wall. 

Another fun item too, just right for a fairy or two.

An unusual skill is represented in her other shop:

This quirky item is made from pipecleaners, it certainly shows her sense of humour

And this illustration also shows her sense of humour

Personally, however, this is my favourite

I just love teapots, and I just love this card! 

So, where can you find all this fabby goodness?  The two destinations are


If you would like to follow her blog you will find it here.


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Made by Melissa

A quick glance at MadeByMelissa's profile will tell you that all of her items 'are one of a kind! Although things I make may look similar - no two items are identical. Therefore - you will become the proud owner of a 100% unique item!'  So who is it that creates these individual items for sale?  'I am a 28 year old engineer by day - I started crafting as a way to express my creativity.'  I can also tell you that she has a super blog, and that she has reminded us there that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  What does this mean?  Well, wear pink for a start, so, I've decided to showcase some pink items from her shop for this feature.

I adore  this pink elephant.  Find out about her here.

And isn't Babette the Baby Safe Bunny cute too?

I'm sure you could find a home for Phoebe the Pretty Little Piggy !

Jenny the Funky Jellyfish has touches of pink too
(Try repeating this six times: 'Jenny the Funky Jellyfish')

And if you aren't on the lookout for toys you could always take a peek at this:

Doesn't this Pink and White Fuzzy Scarf look warm and cosy.

And lastly, just for good measure - something for the boys....

Not pink, but equally cuddly, and just asking for a new home...  Bobby the Blue Bunny.

Pop along and enjoy the rest of the shop too.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Two Zany Zebras

 How's this for a shop welcome greeting?

Welcome to Two Zany Zebras where I specialize in all things zany!

Doesn't it make you want to delve in and have a look?

What will you find?

It is home of the Zarkles.

Wondering what in the world is a Zarkle?

They are whimsical creatures that are part of the Zarkle family.  Each Zarkle has their own unique name, personality, and Zany Pocket Blankie to sleep in.  The one above is called Agustin Marble Zarkle and the one below is Carlton Chameleon Zarkle!

Aren't they fun!  They can also be a comfort at night and help keep all the scary things at bay.

Two Zany Zebras also specialize in Zany Cuddle Blankies like this one here  called One Eyed Schmoopie. 

Or, you may prefer a Super Zany Blankie like this one which is such fun. 

 However, I think this one is my favourite:

This is a Zany Pocket Blankie and includes Ginger Zarkle.  What fun indeed!.

Lots more to find in the shop, so go and have a browse.  I'm sure you know someone who needs a cuddle or two!  In fact, you probably know someone who is desperate for something really fun to wear too...

...just like this onesie or teeshirt featuring Peter the Dancing Panda