Thursday, 30 October 2008


Baby Friendly Beads are beautifully functional nursing necklaces and bracelets. Breastfeeding jewelry gives baby something else to focus on and play with, instead of pulling mom's hair or pinching her skin. Reminder bracelets track nursing sessions.

Sturdy and stylish, Baby Friendly Beads are perfect for anybody who spends time with kids.

Baby Friendly Beads are the original, adjustable-length, one-piece design for nursing necklaces. Because there is only one, continuous piece of cord used in my necklaces, there is no risk of the pendant breaking off and scattering beads everywhere

These innovative, adjustable-length designs are created so that they do not require a clasp, because the clasp is often the weakest part of a necklace. All of the necklaces and bracelets are one of a kind.

Attractive enough to wear every day, the necklaces also effectively occupy a baby at the breast. The beads slide easily on the cord, delighting a baby's curious eyes, and the pendant is the perfect size for little hands to grasp, and some of the necklaces include jingle bells to add to the fun!

Thursday, 16 October 2008


Welcome to The Button Hole where you will find mostly vintage buttons and things that have been made using buttons and other bits and pieces

Dena lives out in the country with husband, Jack Russell terrier, Maggie Mae, and burmese cat, Black Magic. A quiet life in eastern Tennessee, only an hour's drive from Dollywood and the Great Smokey Mts. Spare time is enjoyed browsing in antique malls looking for additions to various collections. Specifically, Dena loves vintage and antique buttons, old quilts, art glass, and blue & white salt glaze pottery. It is also worth having a look at her other shop:

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


I have known Liz for a number of years both on and off Etsy. As you will see from the examples I have chosen below she is a very talented artist with skills in a number of fields. Here is what she has to say about herself:

'I make fabric postcards, small quilts and silk scarves using dyeing, painting and screen printing. I got into art in about 2001 when I took a City & Guilds course in patchwork and quilting and we learnt about design, dyeing and all sorts of different things besides stitching.

Most of my work uses fabric which I have dyed, painted or otherwise altered myself. I use a variety of fibres depending on the effect I want to achieve, including cotton and silk.'

'Rushing hither and thither in our daily lives, there are so many little details we miss. The glistening raindrop on a branch, the way a leaf hangs, sparkling streets after rain. I try and capture some of those moments in my artwork: the wonder of the beautiful world all around us, little vignettes into eternity.....'

'I love working with layers: layers of fabric, paint, dye, adding colours, taking away colours, building up those layers to create depth and meaning in each piece of art I make.'

For more information and to view her work visit Liz's shop on Etsy