Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Made by Melissa

A quick glance at MadeByMelissa's profile will tell you that all of her items 'are one of a kind! Although things I make may look similar - no two items are identical. Therefore - you will become the proud owner of a 100% unique item!'  So who is it that creates these individual items for sale?  'I am a 28 year old engineer by day - I started crafting as a way to express my creativity.'  I can also tell you that she has a super blog, and that she has reminded us there that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  What does this mean?  Well, wear pink for a start, so, I've decided to showcase some pink items from her shop for this feature.

I adore  this pink elephant.  Find out about her here.

And isn't Babette the Baby Safe Bunny cute too?

I'm sure you could find a home for Phoebe the Pretty Little Piggy !

Jenny the Funky Jellyfish has touches of pink too
(Try repeating this six times: 'Jenny the Funky Jellyfish')

And if you aren't on the lookout for toys you could always take a peek at this:

Doesn't this Pink and White Fuzzy Scarf look warm and cosy.

And lastly, just for good measure - something for the boys....

Not pink, but equally cuddly, and just asking for a new home...  Bobby the Blue Bunny.

Pop along and enjoy the rest of the shop too.