Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Spotted Cow Soaps

Affectionally known as Mrs Moo, Spotted Cow makes her goodies in the heart of Vermont USA.  A quick look at her shop will give you an idea of the variety of items she produces for her well stocked shop.

How about Candy Cane Soap, a limited edition for Christmas 2008.

The description certainly makes it sound good enough to eat!  'Cool Peppermint Fragrance reminiscent of Candy Canes. Fresh, Crisp and Sticky Sweet. Who doesn't love a Candy Cane? YUM! Please don't mistake this one by eating it. This is a limited edition soap, once it is gone, we won't be making any more this Holiday season.'  Actually, it sounds wonderful.  The description continues:  'This superfatted soap formula is my own signature formula. It will leave your skin feeling extra pampered and loved.'  You know it's going to be a good product when you read in the shop heading 'All of our soaps are manufactured with Fragrance & Essential Oils that are phthalate free'.

Maybe you would prefer a Bath Fizzie in a Lemongrass perfume.
'Plop one or two in your bath water to unleash an explosion of fizzie goodness and aroma. After the fizzie has finished its fizzing around the tub, climb in and enjoy the experience of skin loving softness and nourishment'.  If you didn't want one before, I bet you do after reading that description!

 Can you do without a made to order Bright Lime Green Cotton Bath Puff?
Lastly I want to show you this Feet Loofah Soap in Rosemary and Mint.
With all the Christmas shopping still be to be finished I'm wishing that I had one waiting in the bathroom!

As an afterthought - sadly too late for this Christmas - Mrs Moo L♥VES custom requests!  So if you EVER Need a gift basket putting together, gift wrapping, or an order sent directly to recipient just get in touch via her shop

Sunday, 14 December 2008


The owner of MockingBirdDesigns is probably better known for her other shop, however, it seemed a good idea to show you some examples of what you might find if you delve a little deeper into profiles and shop announcements!  If you don't already know the name of the other shop I'll tell you at the end!

MockingBirdDesigns features a range of 'Re-Purposed On-Purpose. Greenwise. Upcycled. Recycled. Vintage. Antique. Collectible' bits and pieces.  The selection is mixed, and hence the name!  Mocking Bird: Its scientific name, Mimuspolyglottos, means "many-tongued mimic," and the Indians called it Cencontlatolly, which means "four hundred tongues." Although the Indian name may exaggerate the bird's talents, the mocker not only has a beautiful song of its own, but also can imitate the songs of dozens of other birds. I'm not suggesting that this shop is an imitation, but that it's stock is varied enough to be considered 'many-tongued.

This Candy Necklace certainly looks good enough to eat, but as it is made of shells it probably isn't a good idea!
The bird actually sings at great lengths in musical phrases that are pure mockingbird song. As the bird sings, it repeats each phrase three to six times, and it can change its tune as often as eighty-seven times in seven minutes. This repetition and the sudden changes of song help distinguish the mockingbird's sounds from those of other birds.  How about this collection, all the same, but different, it too fits into the mocking bird theme.  These totes are ideal, especially for those amongst us who are 'green'.

More upcycling for this lovely handbag.  It is a good size with a pocket on the front and a button tab.
Another Upcycled, Repurposed Handbag.  Have a look here to find out more. 
And the other shop?  Check here

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Pluggers United

Are you an Etsy seller?

Do you get enough exposure?

There is a new team working on your behalf, but if it doesn't know about you it can't help!

It is free to join, and the members are friendly and equally devoted to Etsy and to your sales.

Pluggers United are artisans for artisans....working together they can gain more
exposure for team members and their shops. This is done through radio shows, blogs,
advertising, guerrilla marketing, entrecard generator, website, etc. and there will also be charity events.

The first step in being part of this new venture is to join the Yahoo Group and they you can add your info to the databases.  Don't expect it to happen without a little bit of work!  Being part of a team involves participation, but it is so worthwhile.

Pop along now and join this fun and friendly team. We are all here to support each other.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

All Publicity is Good, But Free Publicity is Best

The title isn't original, and what I'm about to tell you may not be free - but that's your choice.  Read on to find out about today's special feature.

Reading the Etsy profile of agoodwitchtoo begins:  'Things I can’t do: eat fire, bathe a cat, leap tall buildings in a single bound, word problems (ex If train A is traveling at 85 mph…), bake homemade cookies, swallow swords, ice skate, charm a snake, or give up chocolate. The list is actually longer than this but really, there’s no need to put all my faults out there for everyone to read. Not that I’ve tried all of these things but it’s best not to ask me to attempt any of these endeavors as doing so may cause me to self implode.'  As soon as I read these words I knew I had made a friend because, apart from the bit about cookies and chocolate, I can't do any of those things either!  However as you read on you will find that there are many things that she can do but there is one enterprise on which she is about to embark that has no mention.

If you have been browsing in the Etsy Forums you may have come across this thread?  Started by none other than agoodwitchtoo it reveals new ways to promote Etsy shops? Yes, a FREE way to get your shop’s sales or new items out there.

Blockhead Radio is starting another NEW show this coming Saturday, 6th December.  If you tune in at 5pm EST then and every Saturday for “The Witching Hours”…the hostess with the mostest will be plugging shops with “Wicked Good Sales”!

If you have never heard about Blockhead Radio you need to know that it is 'Artisan for Artisan' and they enjoy nothing more than free, shameless promoting!  To listen to any of the shows live one need only sign up for an account through www.blogtalkradio.com (no spam). Everyone is encouraged to listen in, join the chat, throw up links, and have fun promoting other artisans.

Further details can be found by clicking on any of the links above or by popping over to this blogpost for a little more information.